Ultimate Solutions Search is a retained executive search firm that bridges the gap between our clients and their ideal candidates in the human capital sector.

Since the talent requirements within the human capital sector continue to evolve, retained recruiting firms and corporations have complex talent needs that require innovative and focused global solutions.

What sets US apart is our comprehensive understanding of what makes each unique executive search and consulting assignment a successful one.
  • US represents a select and confidential group of retained executive search firms to attract top search professionals globally at the level of managing directors, partners, principals, and senior associates.
  • US works with companies in providing the best recruitment talent and executive recruiting professionals, including directors, vice presidents, heads of talent acquisition and managing directors.
  • US also provides strategic counsel by partnering with our clients, knowing their company culture and assessing their recruiting needs.
Why Us?
Donna Karnal is a gifted and dedicated executive search professional who has an eye for top-notch talent.

She brings extensive experience and skill to her clients and is dedicated to each and every search. Overseeing all details from initiation to completion, Donna and her team approach the executive search business as insiders who effectively recruit professionals for your organization.

Because Ultimate Solutions Search understands the nuances and complexity of a client's unique set of needs, US is committed not only to meet those needs but to exceed them.

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