Ultimate Solutions Search has a multi-tiered approach to your search.


  • The Talent to Understand

  • Leadership is what makes US the firm of choice.

    Donna Karnal brings an extensive track record of success to the needs of clients in this space.

    In an executive search, we customize our approach to the marketplace. This enables us to find qualified candidates in both the active and passive marketplaces. We pride ourselves on being able to identify key intelligence and candidates who may not be actively looking for a new opportunity and otherwise might remain unknown to your firm.

  • Insight and Assessment of Needs
  • The crucial first step in any recruiting assignment is to establish a thorough understanding of a clients' needs.

  • Executive Recruitment Methodology
  • Through face-to-face meetings we work with you to define the issues, develop a set of possible solutions, and chart a timeline for successful completion of each search.

  • Interaction and Education
  • During this process we share important information about your expectations and our deliverables - which, in addition to executive searches, can include compensation evaluations, industry trends, and general market intelligence.

  • Identification & Assessment

  • With your search clearly defined, Ultimate Solutions Search charts and executes a course of action.

    For executive search assignments, we set out to identify candidates through a strategic combination of personal contacts, industry sourcing, advertising, and use of the latest electronic databases, such as those found on recruiting websites, trade and business organizations' sites, and university alumni sites. We pair this strategy with our ability to reach far and wide using our personal contacts in the recruiting world.

    We then take the search one step further by evaluating our client's competitors to seek out and identify those candidates who most closely fit the search profile.

    Once candidates are identified and carefully screened, we conduct in-depth interviews and assess their potential for the position. We then provide you with candidate profiles that include important background information, job histories, and the results of our interviews.

  • Presentation & Selection

  • Ultimate Solutions Search will present to you those candidates best qualified to meet your needs, and will work with you to schedule meetings with key decision-makers. As the liaison in the recruitment process, Ultimate Solutions Search serves as a vehicle for feedback to both you and the candidate.

    When a finalist is selected, we will conduct reference checks - a process we take very seriously as we set out to gather, analyze and report on the often difficult-to-find information about potential candidates - and will participate in the negotiation process when needed.


  • Differentiation Value Proposition

  • We approach each search assignment as a strategic partnership with our client.

    Our firm objective is to deliver the ideal candidate in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

    As part of our exploration and discovery search process we will provide you with competitive intelligence. It can include current sizes of similar organizations, compensation and incentives offered for parallel roles, growth or downsizing plans of your competitors, and feedback on the market perception of your own organization.

  • Team Collaboration

  • We collaborate on each search in order to penetrate markets and extract the talent that other firms often do not identify. Our team recruiting approach covers a wide range of industry knowledge and specific understanding of organization leadership needs including Recruiting, Human Resources, Partners, and C' level professionals in a wide range of organizations.

  • Experienced Professionals

  • Our recruiting team includes experienced professionals from different industries who can facilitate senior-level searches across many verticals and geographies.

  • Proven Methodology

  • Our process and methodology demonstrates success in many different and very far reaching industries.

  • Measurable Success

  • Long-term client relationships, long-term hires, business referrals, professional candidate representation, and unimpeachable ethics are the measurable components of our success.

  • Client Assessment
  • We meet in person to fully comprehend your company culture, current direction, and future vision, as well as to understand the experience and intangibles required for the role that will ensure a candidate's success.

  • Transition and Assimilation

  • Once an offer has been extended and accepted, we will assist the successful candidate in developing an exit strategy from his or her current employer and work with the candidate to facilitate a successful transition.

    Lastly, in the ensuing weeks and months, we will monitor the new employee's integration into your organization. Our goal is to provide ongoing follow-up support to you so as to ensure the launch of a long-term, positive working relationship with your new employee.

    Executive Timeline

    The executive recruitment process involves several key milestones and can be separated into three distinct levels of activity:

  • Phase One
    • Confirmation of the assignments and initial client meetings
    • Preparation of specifications, search strategy and target lists

  • Phase Two
    • Recruitment effort begins in earnest
    • Potential candidates contacted and assessed
    • Status conversations with client
    • Presentation of candidates
    • Client interviews with candidates
    • Selection of successful candidates
  • Phase Three
    • Offer extended, negotiated and accepted
    • Development of candidates' exit and assimilation strategies
    • Search process conclusion
    • Ongoing integration monitoring